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Somewhat surprisingly, the XML Prague 2013 paper I mentioned in an earlier post was accepted. Considering how little time I had to write it (“writing” is probably a bit of a stretch, “drafting” is more to the point), I have to say I’m extremely pleased. I’m very much looking forward to presenting it.

I’m going to talk about the eXist-based publishing solution I’ve been busy doing for a client. It began as a humble PDF-on-demand service but came to include a lot of stuff I find cool in and slightly outside the world of XML. There’s XProc, XQuery, RelaxNG, the process XML abstraction I have been working on, XML authoring, nightly mirroring from SQL databases to eXist, and more. And it all seems to come together quite well. I’ve had fun working with all this so I’m hoping it might be of interest to others, too.

XML Prague, of course, is worth a visit regardless. Think of it as an XML weekend about cool new things frequently starting with an “X”, interesting people, Czech hospitality (including Czech beer), and one of my favourite cities, Prague.

2 thoughts on “XML Prague 2013

  1. mike

    congrats Ari, that’s some effort and it sounds like a very worthwhile paper indeed. Sadly I cant make it this year but the lineup so far is looking good and I see Oxygen are doing their own little meetup as well. I was curious whether you have used commercial tools in any of your XML projects like Oxygen or even Liquid XML Studio?

  2. Ari N

    Thank you. 🙂

    Yes, I use oXygen a lot. It’s my standard tool for most things XML these days, including writing. We are also implementing it for authoring in eXist in this project. As a matter of fact, I’ve spent all day today finalising the authoring environment. I love oXygen.

    All the best,



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