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I’m a markup geek based in Gothenburg, Sweden. I do information analysis, schema design (DTD, Relax NG, XSD, schematron…), XSL stylesheets, XProc, XQuery, document management system design, etc, for companies and organisations that pay for my services. These days, that’s a single company, Karnov Group, a Danish legal publisher. I really like my job and consider myself lucky to be doing what I do.

I’ve presented papers at various conferences over the years, with XML Prague and Balisage being the most fun in terms of pure geekery and markup fandom. Here are two of my papers:

There are others out there, and plenty of unaccepted papers, but these two summarise me pretty well. I’m especially proud of the Balisage paper because what it suggests is so easy and obvious. I have since written a first implementation of it for the eXist XML database, called ProXist. It’s nowhere near finished, but I’m getting there.

I try to do my bit for the markup community by peer-reviewing papers for XML Prague and Balisage, and these days I’m also one of the organisers of Markup UK. It’s fun and challenging, and I tend to learn a lot.

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