sgmlguru is a joke of sorts, from a time long ago. We were still in the business of selling SGML rather than that new thing, XML, and I knew more about SGML than most of the others. As a result, my calling card had the title SGML/XML Guru in nice lettering below my name. Hence the domain name.

I don't know if that's a good thing or not; I still like SGML but I know it's not the latest fad anymore. It's just in my domain name and anyway, xmlguru was already taken.

This Page

This web page happened because I wanted the domain, just for fun. It's supposed to present me and what I do, with an occasional update every now and then.

A Little Wordpress Blog

I installed a Wordpress blog thingy to go with this page.


This page represents my views and my views only, not in any way those of my employers.


This page was originally written in IceApe, the unbranded Debian version of Seamonkey. It's not exactly a tour de force in web design, but I might improve it over time.

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