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Mobile Sync, Part Two

I have an older IBM Thinkpad (a T42p) laptop with Ubuntu Studio installed. In version 9.10, syncevolution worked like a charm. All I had to do was to install, setup the N900 and sync, no problems whatsoever. Then I got brave and upgraded the laptop to Ubuntu 10.04 and syncevolution to the latest version.

Fail to sync.

And mind you, it doesn’t tell me what’s wrong, it just fails. I’ve tried installing older syncevolution packages, resetting bluetooth stuff, sacrificing my firstborn… nothing helps!

If you know what’s wrong, please let me know.

Mobile Sync

After years of not being able to sync my Nokia mobile(s) with my Debian Linux desktop, syncevolution and the Evolution “groupware suite” have finally made that possible. I’ve had success with both my older Symbian 60-based phone, N95-2, and my (Maemo-based) N900.

See for details on how to do this. My Debian Sid box required the apt sources from that site (it seems that Sid is lagging behind, at least for now; they’ve packaged the last beta but the site includes the released 1.0 version), but otherwise the install and sync both went without a hitch.