elementNames and attributeNames

I keep getting annoyed by the (Java-inspired) naming of elements and attributes in some people’s XML, where the names contain capital letters to help keep the names clear. I’m sure you’ve seen how it works: elementName, attributeName, myNewAndExcitingElement, ohLookICanCreateReallyLongQNamesForNoApparentReason, ad nauseam.

Why do they do this? I know there is some kind of rationalisation for it in the world of programming languages, but in XML? XML is not a programming language and I still think it should be understandable and usable by humans (I know; SGML was supposed to be human-readable but XML doesn’t have that requirement). If you find yourself writing XML in a text editor (still happens to me), not only are these names enough to drive anyone nuts but they also make the XML more error-prone because you’re bound to spl something wrong. And if you write your XML in an XML editor, the element names filling the start and end tag symbols take up a lot of space that should be left to the actual content. (And no, I don’t believe in the minimal tag symbols that some editors provide; I want to actually see the tag names and I want to see the attribute names. They help me structure my document; in fact, they are there for that purpose!)
I ask again: why? If you are writing a schema and need to name an ordinary paragraph element, surely you don’t need to name it ordinaryParagraph or even paragraph? In my schemas, p is more than enough.

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