Writing Copy

I’ve been busy writing commercial copy for our service and product portfolio. This is very hard. How does one express the advantages of our rather technical offerings without resorting to empty clichés and, frankly speaking, an unidentifiable product?

Unidentifiable? Well, yes, because at the core, the content management system we develop is far from being unique when described in market-speak. Nor are our services so different from those offered by our competitors when one is only allowed a bird’s view, and a stratospheric bird’s at that. Whatever our advantages, they start on a purely technical level and any explanation that won’t immediately put the casual observer to sleep will, at best, be so superficial it borders on generic and therefore not unique.

This is why I don’t usually write marketing copy. While I’ve often claimed not to be a programmer, I am certainly not a copywriter. I don’t do the kind of head-first marketing that shamelessly exploits one cliché after another and claims everything to be either my invention or my company’s, and, of course, bigger than, oh, I dunno, teh interwebz.

Because someone will always see right through you. In my case, it might well be someone I know.

Buy our products. They are awesome.

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