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Sublime Text Part Two

Having spent a couple of days trying to get used to Atom, I decided to simply upgrade Sublime Text. While full of neat features, Atom was huge. Also, the Markdown customisations were simply too different from what I am used to.

Text Editors

For the last several years, I’ve been using Sublime Text as my main text editor. It’s got a nice UI, it works on all of my platforms, and the license is user-based, meaning that a single license can be shared on any machine I happen to work on, provided the user is me. It didn’t cost an arm and a leg either.

Recently the app asked if I wanted to update. It’s done it every now and then, so I was expecting another bugfix and thought little more of it. I just hit Update. The app was upgraded from version 3 to version 4, however, and an all-caps text on the title bar said “LICENSE UPGRADE REQUIRED”.

Say what?!?

A version upgrade that costs money is fine by me but something I want to know about before I upgrade, not after. There should have been something pointing this out, allowing me to decide if I wanted the hassle now or later. Instead, I now need to downgrade if I want to keep the app.

This is not OK, so I’m now moving to Atom.